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2024 február 24

Zwack – Statement

Statement – based upon point a) of Subsection 3:272 (3) of the Civil Code 

Zwack Unicum Plc. based upon point a) of Subsection 3:272 (3) of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code (Civil Code) hereby announce the total number of shares and the ratio of voting rights (including separate totals for each class of shares) at the date of convocation of the annual general meeting of June 30, 2021 of the Company (CAPS COAF: GMET HU20210515001003), on 26th May, 2021.

Share seriesIssued numberShares with voting rightsVoting right per shareTreasury sharesTotal voting rightsRatio of Voting rigths (%)
„A” series (common share)2 000 0002 000 000102 000 000100%
„A” series (redeemable liquidation preference share)35 00000000%